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LeeRon Zydeco New Orleans Music Shows

This fun-filled, interactive edu-tainment program showcases the exciting music of New Orleans … including Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Tex-Mex, Caribbean and Funk. The 50-minute show provides an up-close opportunity to experience the spicy sounds and rhythms of the New Orleans region and gain a greater understanding of cultural diversity. It can be customized for specific ages and group sizes.
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The program explores the origins and sounds of Zydeco/Cajun music from Louisiana and Reggae/Calypso from the Caribbean, as well as Mississippi Delta Blues, Conjunto from the Texas-Mexico border and the funk and jazz of New Orleans.

The development of these diverse types of musical cultures are brought to life through live performance so that the audience can appreciate how they have mixed and merged to form our unique American “gumbo.” These are the styles that have influenced American pop music such as rock and rap and serve as a creative inspiration for today’s recording artists.

Since 1995, the program has successfully been presented in schools, colleges, libraries, retail establishments, festivals and on TV and radio.
The workshop is generally a 50-minute presentation, and can be customized to fit specific age groups and learning environments. It provides a fun-filled opportunity for people of all ages to gain a greater understanding of spicy regional styles and how cultures can connect through music. The program is interactive as the audience is invited to join in on percussion instruments and to ask questions.

This program was expanded and applied as the basis of a four-credit course at the State University of New York Empire State College and has previously received funding from the New York State Council of the Arts. The program has also been applied as a therapeutic tool in sessions for challenged children and adults.

Ron Davis has written a book entitled, “Groove Gumbo: The Spice and Soul Side of American Music (and food)”. Ron Davis holds a B.A. in Cultural Studies from SUNY Empire State College.

For additional information, fee schedule and bookings, please call Ron at 716-835-9014 or email
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